DNPA Meeting Notes

General Meeting 2/24/16

 -Ask room parents to check in with families:
   -People using it? Suggestions? Please check spam folders
   -Possibly add a Google calendar

MOVIE NIGHT -  a big success!
  -Possibly charge more per person.

SAVORY BAKE SALE -Wed. March 23, 4:00-5:15
 -Room parents solicit someone to make a poster

GALA! Saturday, May 14, 6:30-10:30
*Adults only. Childcare provided at DN
*Donkey & Goat indoor/outdoor space, some big tables (seat 40-50), decor available
-Bocce Ball court, lights already up; maybe palm reader or caricature?
-Live music via Destiny (Puddle Duck parent)
-We add flowers, heat lamps, fire pit (?)
-Maybe use wine barrels as table surfaces
-Beer & wine donations from Donkey & Goat, Suzie & Steve Altman

*Food Truck: Ebbets
  -Includes paper goods.
  -Will pre-make food
  -Possible appetizer table form Lama Beans
  -Hopefully Whole Foods donate desserts

*Solicit donations on the blog: DONATIONS DUE BY APRIL 30!
  -Solicit via email, phone calls, in person

*Hoping for 150 people
 -Possibly $25. per person? Or $35. per person/ 2 for $60.
 -Include alumni

*Need a catalog writer
  -Whomever donates could offer a brief description

*No classroom baskets
  -donate wine bottles; put together as raffles

*One art piece per classroom

*Gala focused volunteer sheet
  -One head person per classroom or room parent reach out